Appetizers (Vegetarian)


Crisp turnovers filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas.

Roasted Peanuts with Onions, Tomato and Spices

Chili fritters sliced and refried

Batter fried cauliflower florets cooked in flavorful Manchurian sauce

Samosa mixed with Yogurt Mint, Tamarind Sauce and Spices

Fresh Spinach and onion Fritters

Boiled eggs coated with basen batter and deep fried till golden brown.

Somasa,Cut Mirchi,Onion Pakora

Baby Corn Coated and Cooked with Hot Chili Sauce

Sweet corn tossed with butter, fresh lime, chili powder

Deep fried with shredded Carrot, Beans Sprouts and other vegetables

Gobi 65

$ 9.99

Flourettes of Cauliflower Marinated in House Yoghurt and Masala, deep fried

Paneer Battered and Deep Fried

Chilli Stuffed and Coated

Sweet corn Tossed with Butter, Fresh Lime, Chili Powder

Water Chestnuts add Lightness, sweetness and Crunch


$ 6.99

Dumplings with Rice and Lentils.Deep Fried

Baby corn Coated and Cooked with Manchurian Sauce

Vegetable Dumplings Cooked in a Flavorful Manchurian Sauce

Appetizers (Non-Vegetarian)

Appetizers (Non-Vegetarian)

Chicken fried with House Spices

Goat (Bone) fried with onions, black pepper, spices

Marinated chicken fried with Spices and Curry Leaves

Chicken boneless sautéed with Spices, chili and sauce

Batter fried Chicken cooked in flavorful Manchurian sauce

BASA Fish spiced up and deep fried

Liver Fry

$ 13.99

Goat Liver fried with onions, black pepper, spices

Very hot Chicken Curry made with lots of ground hot Red Chili Powder

Lamb fried with special spices

Chicken fried with Onions,Black Pepper & Spices

Prawn 65

$ 13.99

Marinated Shrimp fried with Spices and Curry Leaves

Shrimp fried with onions, spices and chili’s

Shrimp fried with house special spices

Quail marinated with spices and deep fried

Chicken Boneless sautéed in sour cream and mild chilli sauce

Battered Anchovy fish seasoned and deep fried

Chicken (Bone) deep fried with Andhra Spices & Curry Leaves

Shrimp fried with onions and spices

Chicken sautéed in Spices, Cashew paste

Chicken wings marinated with Spices and deep fried

Chicken Roasted with House Spices

Tilapia fish added with Indian spices, pan fried